Smart Lighting Wireless Programming Solution - XLC/XLN-NFC Series

Technical Service Center /Weiqiang Wu


The specifications of LED lighting fixtures are very diverse, manufacturers of LED power supplies typically employ hardware methods to alter the reference voltage value of the current detection circuit (using a dip switch or a variable resistor, for instance) to set the current requirement. However, neither of these methods allows for subtle and intuitive current adjustments. In order to meet the needs of customers who require precise and rapid current settings, MEAN WELL's products combine NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to propose an intelligent wireless programming solution.

MEAN WELL has recently introduced a new generation of XLN/XLC-NFC series, users can use the smart devices with NFC function to quickly set the output current through close-range induction on the MEAN WELL APP, catering to different conditions when the product lacks AC input in lighting applications.

Furthermore, the XLN/XLC-NFC models also feature dimming functions such as 3-in-1 (0~10V, PWM signal, and resistance) digital light adjustments and DALI-2, which can be combined with various brands of dimmers available in the market or paired with the MEAN WELL DLC-02 digital lighting controller, making it highly suitable for multi-scenario lighting applications.

Figure 1. NFC Diagram

The following is a brief explanation of how to set up the output current through the NFC function: 

    1. In MEAN WELL APP → Menu in the upper left corner → Installation Manual /APP → Power NFC


Figure 2. NFC Interface

    2. According to the operation process in Figure 3, set the output current to 733mA

Figure 3. Current Setting Process

    3. Finally, you can confirm whether the output current is set successfully in the "Message" option

Figure 4. Current Setting Information

For more information about XLN/XLC-NFC series, please refer to the demonstration video below:


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