Home Energy Storage UPS System and Mobile Power Supply Solution - NTN-5K

Technical Service Center/Willard Wu


In modern life, electricity has become an indispensable energy source, providing power for various devices in both personal and professional settings. However, with the pressure of increasing electricity costs and concerns about energy supply shortages, there is a growing demand in the market for green energy and household energy storage solutions. MEAN WELL focuses on developing related products and offering solutions to address these challenges.

The NTN-5K, the latest offering from MEAN WELL, is a high reliability off-grid sine wave DC-AC bidirectional inverter with a 5000W output power. It utilizes a bidirectional circuit design, offering both high-power charging and high-power AC inversion capabilities. With its UPS (AC bypass) design, it provides users comprehensive uninterrupted power supply protection. Customers can configure backup or energy-saving modes according to their needs. The product is suitable for residential, commercial buildings, ships, automobiles, mines, construction sites, and areas without grid power or with mobile power needs.

Home energy storage systems play an increasingly important role in modern life. Not only can they assist users in providing emergency power, but when paired with solar panels and solar chargers, they can also simultaneously save energy costs and contribute to environmental protection. The diagram below illustrates a basic configuration of a household energy storage application, which includes the MEAN WELL NTN-5K inverter and compatible batteries. Through energy storage, it meets power demands and provides households with stable and reliable power supply. 

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